BQ40 Portable Red Light Therapy – Summary

Are you tired of expensive red light therapy sessions? Discover the cost-effective BQ40 Portable Red Light Therapy, a powerful and affordable alternative that brings the benefits of red light therapy into your home.

The BQ40 features a multi-functional touchscreen, durable build, and convenient foldable stand, offering higher irradiance that makes a 10-minute session equivalent to 20 minutes with other infrared therapies.

Key benefits of the BQ40 include:

  • Cost savings by avoiding expensive spa treatments
  • Portability, perfect for travel
  • Dual chip 660 nm and 850 nm LEDs for optimal results
  • Pain relief and enhanced appearance through collagen production and improved skin health
  • Comprehensive healing for both superficial and deep tissues
  • High irradiance of 69 mW/cm² at 3 inches away, ensuring effective therapy with low heat release

The Portable Red Light Therapy BQ40 allows for easy incorporation into your daily routine, whether you’re working, relaxing, or lying down.

Experience the benefits of red light therapy without the hefty price tag by clicking the link in the description below to purchase the BQ40 and use the coupon code GW05 for a 5% discount.

Portable Red Light Therapy BQ40 - US / Brand New

Portable Red Light Therapy BQ40


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